GBP (Google Business Profile) Optimization Services

The internet is an expensive place for a local business. Paid advertising, social media, web design. It adds up pretty quick and there is no guarantee you will even be fruitful in your efforts. Fortunately, there’s a little corner of the internet that’s still affordable, and it’s the number one factor that is driving the bulk of today’s paying  customers to your door or to your competitors. That little corner or hub is better known as Google Maps.

It takes a lot of extra time to setup and effectively navigate your GBP to the top of the local 3 pack, and we want to do all that for you. 

We are results driven, meaning, if we don’t deliver you results within 2 months, we work for free until you see results period. 

Built for local business

Here’s the list of Google Maps SEO updates that Local Ranking Pros will make every single week to grow your business through various tactics of Google Business Profile optimization, and they’re all included in your monthly subscription.

Weekly GBP Audit

We make sure to always stay on top of the information on your GBP. Fresh content will be added/updated to your GBP Listing as needed to continue climbing the ranks or to stay at the top once you are there.

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Review Responses

We will take the time to infuse 20 years of superior customer service with each and every review. The best part is, our proprietary method prevents 99.9% of negative reviews.

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Local Rank Tracking

Local Ranking Pros will constantly keep track of your current and past rank, keeping you posted of all progress weekly via email. Don't worry, we will show you how to read it but you will see how super simple it is. Learn More

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GBP Call Tracking

All calls from your GBP listing will be tracked to understand ROI.As an added benefit, you will have the ability to text your customers from your phone, or even sign your employees up to do this as well at no additional fee. PLUS, you will have the ability to record all calls for training and security purposes of your own.

Local Citations

We keep a constant check of your business online to ensure accurate directory listings across the board. Your business will look the same no matter where you see the information online. We work hard and give you the proof every week.

Monthly Reports

All this work summed up in a nicely packaged summary of reports with easy access to individual insights among a broad range of metrics. SEO, Local Citation Reports, GBP Audit, Keyword Rank Tracking, Reviews online & more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While a Google Business Profile is a free and powerful tool, it still requires your time and expertise of Google Maps in order to optimize your business listings for more visibility, business growth, better ranking on Google and more. Local Ranking Pros handles all facets of Google Business Profile optimization so you can better spend that time winning over more customers.

Local Ranking Pros includes ongoing local GMB optimization for Photos, Posts, Reviews, Google Q&A, and the GMB Products & Services section. It also comes with best-in-class Call Tracking, and a Citations tool that ensures your listings will always remain accurate across more than 50 directories. We have proven our proprietary  methods with this combination of features creates a local SEO powerhouse. Most important, Local Ranking Pros has a dedicated team of US-based account managers working to ensure a consistent execution for every client, and every location, every week. It’s truly a “done for you” service.

We don’t just sell you on every new service, we sell you customers that are ready to buy and only charge a flat monthly rate for it. We don’t look good unless you look good, remember.

Local Ranking Pros pricing is super simple. Each GMB listing using Local Ranking Pros is billed a flat monthly rate, with discounts for listings that have multiple locations. The only other possible fees are for overages on Call Tracking and/or SMS Campaigns which include 100 free minutes and 100 free texts per month. Anything beyond these incurs a per-minute fee of $0.03 and/or per message fee of $0.04, in the US. Check out our pricing page for more details.

Local Ranking Pros is different from other Google Maps Marketing tools primarily because its ease of use is unrivaled but also because of the low cost, as well as a number of other aspects: 

  • All you have to do is add us as a manager to your Google My Business account after signing up, and Local Ranking Pros will take care of everything else.
  • No other tool can optimize & publish citations like ours, and these are quite possibly the most important aspect to your Google My Business listing’s health.
  • No other tool offers complete GMB optimization without your involvement. 
  • We’ve found the average GMB Listing requires approximately 18 hours of work per month to properly optimize. Local Ranking Pros does this for you, automatically.
  • No other tool can accomplish all of this and more for the price of Local Ranking Pros. 

Google Business Profiles are free. You can also use Local Ranking Pros to improve your business listings and get more customers consistently, allowing you to increase your sales and signed contracts. Get started anytime.

Reach your next customer right now.