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Local SEO is actually a more specialized component that belongs under the banner of SEO or search engine optimization.

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Local SEO pricing is very varied, ranging from an extreme $75 to a whopping $5,000 a month. Most local agencies charge a monthly retainer’s fee, starting with $1,500 to the same five grand. If you’re a startup or a tiny company with limited funds, you may opt for the lowest price and rely on an industry greenhorn.

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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is actually a more specialized component that belongs under the banner of SEO or search engine optimization. Local SEO belongs to one of the most critical tools to capture the right clients when it comes to marketing your local business in this digital and techie-centric world.

Through our years in this industry, we believe that the key to your company’s success is including the implementation of local SEO. To do this effectively, you must have a good command of its techniques, understand its relevance to your business, and ascertain how it can have a direct impact on your brand.

Local SEO helps your business grow by promoting your company and boosting your visibility when people search for geo-specific or location-based searches. We know from our extensive experience that using the best local SEO tools can attract local target clients in the most efficient way so you can drive their attention to your web page and their foot traffic to your doorstep.

With most of us searching for answers regarding every little concern online, you need this SEO variant to make sure that your local clients find you when they are searching for stuff “near me” or those near their own addresses. Searchers often factor in variables such as city, state, zip code, and other landmarks.

How much does local SEO cost?

Most of you may be wondering if you really need to invest a lot of money to get this started. After all, it’s understandable that small local businesses have limited marketing budgets you have to work with. If you aim to stay consistently on top of your game and crush your competitors, you need to rely on the services of local SEO agencies that can help entice the clients who matter to your business.

However, we must reiterate that scrimping does have its caveats because the newbie you pick may rely on shady techniques, which may end up getting you banned from Google. When this happens, having your site reinstated will cost you more than your seventy-five bucks. We advise you to weigh your options thoroughly.

You may notice that even the famous SEO firms that offer the best of the best local SEO services provide a varied price list when it comes to their services. Several factors affect these numbers, and these are:

  • Your site may need to use SEO tools that cost more than the others to execute.
  • The quantity of service your business needs may also vary.
  • The credibility of the agency matters with the older agencies charging more and the newer agencies costing significantly less.

On top of that, you may be paying for certain services. When you look at local SEO pricing, there is a broad range of techniques available to boost your brand in your locality. Take a look at the following criteria below, which we ourselves do for our clients:

  • Completely new website: If you have a physical store and you still don’t have an official website, then we recommend making a new one from scratch. This will cost you money depending on the site quality. Cookie-cutter sites that rely on the same theme as the others will cost less. On the other hand, if you want a custom website that has many pages, along with responsiveness and multi-functionality, you will need to fork out more for these advanced services.
  • Local citations or backlinks: We marketers understand the value of backlinks or when other sites link to your page. This makes your business appear more credible and authoritative. As a result, Google will rank you higher. We encourage going the extra mile to achieve the highest spot. This can be done by working on local citations, which is a form of backlinks that list your business name, official address, phone number, email, and the like. Belonging to online directories like Yelp and Angie’s List will make you more prominent to your clients.
  • Blog management: Every business needs to have a blog to keep client engagement up. If your official site doesn’t have a blog, then we strongly suggest working with a local SEO agency to work on this. Professionals will help you create exciting content that your audience can share in their social media channels. This ensures that you expand your client reach. On top of that, you generate more traffic from searches.
  • Review management: We always emphasize that reviews are crucial for local SEO, and in fact, this is the number one element that influences your ranking on Google Maps. People looking you up will search and read reviews left by your clients. Thus, for an effective local SEO strategy, you need this component. Your chosen firm can help you set up a system to help you manage your online reviews and testimonials. If you opt to splurge, you can pay more for an agency that will execute a massive campaign to help you garner more client reviews. Some even go as far as to assign account managers to reply to your clients, which builds trust and rapport. All of these work together to improve your reputation and increase your sales.
  • Social media management: Remember, so many people around the globe own a mobile gadget. Within this device, there are at least two social media apps installed. It is clear to all of us that this is vital for promoting your business because social media lets you connect with your clients first-hand. We see many local companies using social media to launch their local campaigns. Your chosen agency can curate specific content to target the right clientele. If you have the budget, your local SEO agency can work hard to boost posts so you can reach more people.
  • Setup Fee for Google Maps, and Google My Business: We attest that every business needs these to tools. All local SEO setups must include these if you want to gain traction with the right set of people. These two will show all your company information accurately, ensuring that your clients easily find you.

If you’re looking out for a reliable and trustworthy partner, we advise you to perform your due diligence and conduct thorough research. As we tell all our valued clients, every business has different needs, so what may work for others will not necessarily work for you. Reputable local SEO agencies will discuss all the pertinent details with you, especially the price, so there will be no nasty surprises when the billing comes.

Why is Local SEO important?

If you have a brick-and-mortar store along with your website, our experience dictates that you need Local SEO so you can amplify your brand. If you offer a tailor-fit or unique service to a specific location, local SEO services must be placed at the core of your digital marketing campaign. When you seek the help of a local SEO agency, you can grab the attention of the right crowd who can have the most impact on your business. We know that if you successfully get this done, you can look forward to positive outcomes and an upward growth trajectory.

Today, studies indicate that most smartphone owners rely on their devices to perform local-based searches. Within this phenomenal sector, 61% went on to call those local businesses that cropped up in their searches. Additionally, an astounding 59% actually dropped by the local store. We can all see that there is strong evidence that searches based on your location are a major driving force when it comes to tapping your clients.

It’s important to note that people rely on these searches because all it takes is a flick of a finger. If you choose to harness local search engine optimization services, we have faith that you will expand your client reach and improve your revenue. People who search for your keywords already show their intent to buy. When they actively search for products and services, there is a higher chance that your prospective consumers will touch base with you and push through with the sale. When you utilize these leads, you also increase client conversion leading to more robust sales.

In addition, you must not forget that local clients in your area value local businesses. There is a sense of pride for a homegrown business. Moreover, the top three search engines also rank you higher when you use your geography and fill out all your company details that make it easier for people to find you. By working hard to optimize your Local SEO techniques, you tap the consumers who possess the power to make a difference in your company’s profitability.

How We Help Your Local Business Rank

Our primary objective is to help your local business rank higher in search engines. As a local business, you should leverage your “home court” advantage by doing your best to tap your nearest clients. They are the best customers that can have a direct impact on your offline-store. There are several ways we can get this done, and these are through:

Google My Business Optimization

If you’re dead serious about securing the business of local clients and improving your local search rankings, you must optimize your GMB (Google My Business) listing. Under our local SEO services package, we help our clients use all the GMB features by doing an audit so you can use this tool effectively.

Belonging to this listing is vital for all businesses because it provides so much information to Google and local clients. On top of that, they ascertain that you will have robust local search visibility. This improved presence means your profile contains all the necessary information, so your clients can find you.

Apart from your address, you can list your contact information, menu, reviews, and website. Best of all, incorporating this with Google Maps ensures that you can be found readily because all the landmarks near your offline site are indicated. Setting up the GMB listing is free itself. But more than setting it up, you must learn to optimize this tool so your local business will thrive.

Local Citation Building

Our local seo services experts emphasize the power of local citation building to our clients because it can influence your local SEO rankings. This simply means other sites will put a link or a citation mentioning your business name on their own web page. It can be your address, company name, opening hours, products, social media links, images, and videos.

Search engines index all of this information. These citations, both structured and unstructured, then act like links that can help improve your local search rankings. With our help, we expertly handle the creation and updates of you, local SEO citations, no matter the industry of your business.

We can do manual updates and conduct cleanups for assured accuracy, and on top of that, we also rely on data aggregators and trackers to show how you are faring against your competition. You must add local citation building to your core strategies for your local business so you can claim more local consumers.

Local Keyword Research

Apart from manually encoding keywords in the search engine, smartphones have paved the way for voice searches. This allows your clients to say, “find a plumber near me!” Thus, there are now more local keyword searches than ever before.

Thus, your keywords must also be geared for local intent, especially if you have a localized service-oriented business or if you have a physical store. Our local SEO services packages helps clients draft local keywords that come in variations to cover all possible types of searches.

One of the best strategies we learned through the years is to aim for a conversational tone and a more focused approach. When you take local keyword research seriously for your business, you will be amazed at the volume of your search results. The higher the volume, the more exposure, the more traffic, and the more leads you have, which will generate better conversion rates.

Niche-Specific Local Link Building

Building your links in the local sphere is now considered a necessary strategy if you want your business to take a big step towards increasing your organic traffic. With our local seo services , you can position your company into territory-specific niches. If you want your business to continue growing to achieve greater heights, building those local links is a must-do.

Local link building is related to building backlinks within your local community because they boost the authority of your domain and site. Keep in mind that Google uses these factors when they rank your site when they use their algorithms. One way to improve your backlinks is to build it with local link building. It has something to do with reciprocity.

To get this done, you can make the following approaches, or allow us to help you to achieve them:

  1. Write a blog post or page about local events and mention them on your own site by including link outs to the other companies’ websites.
  2. Get in touch with the companies involved via phone, email, or social media. You can then ask them to share your featured posts with their own links in their channels and networks.
  3. his is not a one-shot deal, but you must repeat this process once or twice a month. For best results, make it a habit. Your local link building will ensure that you earn more backlinks, which will benefit you by amplifying your website authority.

Apart from this, other local link building tactics include the following: entering your company for a local competition or award, asking the help of prominent local influencers to help with your promotion, writing about your fave company in a similar niche, drafting a resource page akin to a directory on your site, and searching actively for online mentions.

Why Work With Us?

As a local company, we understand the complex needs of local businesses. Our team at On the Map will strive to get your company by formatting your website for Google,boosting relevant traffic, and developing targetted exposure.

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What is included in our Services?

  • Features Include for every location
  • Local On-Site optimization
  • Local Site Structure Optimization
  • Dedicated Local SEO Experts
  • Niche-Specific Link Building
  • Custom Content
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Custom Reporting:
  • Monthly Reporting Call
  • Monthly Local SEO Report
  • Call Tracking Report
  • Form Tracking Report
  • Google My Business Page Creation
  • Google My Business Page Optimization
  • Citation Boost

How Local SEO Services Help Your Business Grow

The transformative power of local SEO services cannot be denied. There are local SEO companies that espouse how its impact is profound and far-reaching. Thus, it is crucial to optimize your website by including these tools. If you are unable to add this to your marketing plans, then you risk losing to the other local competitors.

To succeed, you have to pay attention to three essential features. These are the prominence of your company, the relevance of your business, and the proximity of your company to the consumers who are conducting the searches.

When you apply these in your site, you reap the bountiful fruits of your labor. The positive benefits are seen in the following criteria:

Increases Visibility to Local Customers

Although we all know digital marketing will need a small investment, using local SEO services allows you to save because you don’t waste your time, money, and effort on the wrong consumers. Utilizing the best local SEO practices means you address the right buyer persona with all your campaign materials. These are your audience who can make a significant impact on your bottom line.

For example, you’re a local auto store on the Jersey shore, so it’s natural to focus on your locality. Why would you spend money focusing on North Jersey when they are too far from you. Blindly focusing on general SEO is inefficient. Thus, you must gear your efforts on including the right local customers and concentrate on crucial geo-specific search keywords and terms.

Increases Sales

With so many competitors near you, the reputation of your business is everything. We know that if you taint your brand, you’ll have a hard time getting clients and securing sales. By working with a Top local SEO company, you will have a chance to build your website credibility. Consumers only buy from company’s that have a good reputation because they are entrusting you with their hard-earned money.

If you show Google that you’re an authoritative website, they will rank you well. When clients see you first in search results, you secure your consumers and improve your sales. Local SEO allows you to manage not just your site itself, but also your reputation because you can have reasonable control over what people will see when they do an online search using your keywords.

Thus, you should increase your efforts so you can optimize your site for local SEO. For instance, signing up for Google My Business will show everyone your address, store hours, contact info, products, and more. When you merge this with Google Maps, your consumers can immediately see how to get to your shop. It’s a win-win situation!

Apart from ranking well in Google, people can quickly find you and patronize your store. You can interact better with local clients, respond to their reviews, and encourage them to leave positive feedback, which only makes you more visible, leading to higher sales and better revenue.

Increases Lead and Traffic from Local Visitors

If you want to increase your leads, you must optimize local SEO to drive traffic to your local store and your e-commerce site. How can you do this? When your site’s online visibility makes a massive improvement because you now apply local SEO techniques, this means more traffic will flock to your site. This has a direct impact on your brick-and-mortar site because you will see the same spike in foot traffic. With more web visitors, you get more local visitors to serve, which will help you generate more sales.

Your goal is to route traffic to through your site by using local SEO tools, such as local citation, local backlinks, revamping the logo, boosting site speed, and more. All of these tools work hand-in-hand to promote your company’s site prominence. With all these working seamlessly, you get a higher search engine rank, resulting in better traffic both online and offline.


Apart from improving site credibility, increasing traffic, and generating leads, the most critical impact of local SEO is improving your company’s bottom line.

If you don’t have any idea or knowledge about how to go about your local SEO, worry no more because we can help you learn these tools to unlock your full potential. It is vital to work on your local SEO game so you can stay ahead of your competitors. With the number of products and services that saturate the market, if you don’t work on your local SEO, your clients will never be able to find you. The ones they will see are your competitors. Leverage your homegrown advantage by incorporating local SEO services in your marketing plans.


For most of our clients, we start seeing progress in one to four months. There are no exact timelines in SEO campaigns, but as rule, the more ambitious the campaign, the quicker the gains.

Our contracts are month-to-month. While no SEO company can guarantee first-page rankings, we are confident enough in our results to not feel the need to lock our clients into long-term contracts.

Yes, all content is important for SEO. While Google may not be able to examine the relevance of a specific image (yet), it can detect the presence of images and videos. Images can also help engage the user, which keeps them on the page for a longer period of time.

Yes, and if you don’t already have a GMB page, we encourage you to include that as part of your internet marketing arsenal.

Once you commit, it can be anywhere from two to seven days. Once it is, it will be searchable by anyone looking for you by name, phone number, etc.

Anytime someone mentions your business on the web, either by name, address, URL, or phone number, it is noted by search engines. These are local citations and they are an important key to SEO. As a rule, the more local citations the better.

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