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We literally give you a roadmap to having your phone ringing non stop with people who are already searching to buy what you offer. Let’s stop dreaming and actually get your calendar full of sales!

"People Are Already Searching
For What You Sell...
We Just Send Them To You"

Think about it, we search Google for anything we want to buy, don’t we? When we are looking for somewhere to get a nice cup of coffee in a new town, what do we do? We pull out our phone and look at what Google says about it as if it is a magic 8-ball. Love it or hate it, Google has been and remains the top search engine in the world by far, which means people are on Google – right now – searching for the products and services YOU offer. This is where WE come in. We understand what it takes to get in front of those customers’ eyes…. to get your business name at the top of Google’s search results in much less time than any of our competitors by using a proprietary process that works no matter what type of competition you have.

In short… we specialize in connecting buyers like these with companies like yours. Wouldn’t it be nice to be at the top of the search results for hundreds of people each month?


Convert Searchers into Customers with your Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile is essential to achieving and maintaining a successful local marketing strategy because it is your free window to sell from on the worlds most popular search platform. The sad part is, most businesses are missing out and its costing them more than they know. With Local Ranking Pros’ Google Business Profile Management Service, you’ll unlock the power of GBP with an optimized profile and search results that helps capture new leads and converts more of those searchers into customers.


Our GBP Management Service Will:

  • Amplify your presence on Google

  • Enhance listing engagement

  • Increase phone calls, bookings, and website visits

  • Boost your competitive advantage

  • Positively impact your local rankings

With Local Ranking Pros, you get your own dedicated GBP expert working hard every month to optimize your listing, build relevance in local search, and grow your leads for one monthly price based on your business needs specifically.

 We are so confident in our services, that we don’t require silly contracts. We let our work speak for itself.

Start Getting More Customers From Google

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Step 1 of 3

Just answer a few quick & easy questions and we will do a COMPLETE audit of your business online and show you exactly how to get more customers ringing your phone “off the hook” in just 60 days or less!

We literally give you a roadmap to having your phone ringing non stop with people who are already searching to buy what you offer. Let’s stop dreaming and actually get your calendar full of sales!

Why use Local Ranking Pros for Google Business Profile management?

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Get Back Time

The average GBP listing can require up to 16-20 hours of work every month, by a professional, to maintain a high ranking through optimization and maintenance. That doesn't even include the hundreds of hours learning through trial and error before becoming a pro. I'm going to guess you don't have that kind of time to devote to that, and that's where we come in. With Local Ranking Pros, that time goes to zero.

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Gain Local Authority

Positioning yourself in the Top 3 spots of Google's local search results is essential if you want to get more new customers in this post-covid world. With our proprietary methods, we get you ranked and keep you there as long as you want. It doesn't matter how big of a business you are, if your google account is suspended or anything else, let the Pros handle it.

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Get More Customers

Local Ranking Pros will boost the exposure of your businesses on Google Maps and in regular results. The more places you appear in search results, the higher the chances you are to getting another paying customer. Adding in SCHEMA, your business will not only rank high, but will grab the attention of your next favorite customers, ready to buy.

"The Other Guy's"

Our competitors are more expensive with fewer features and numerous upsells. You will pay anywhere from $500 per month – $3500 per month for ONLY Google Business Profile management. Once they have you with that, they are going to try to upsell you with some SEO because that TOO will help you yada yada yada. 

Their sole plan is to keep you paying more and more per month and if you don’t, they phase you out or squeeze you dry. We don’t like to be treated that way and even laid out our strategy so that we could never do that.

Local Ranking Pros

With Local Ranking Pros you get a hand crafted & personalized roadmap to getting more customers consistently. We actually show you why you aren’t ranking in the top and then show you what we are going to do to get you there. 

Local Ranking Pros work is based on results, meaning, we will take care of your SEO as well as your Google Business Profile, providing access to a unique online portal that you can view and run reports to check your progress at any given time.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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Local Ranking Pros Features

We will drastically improve your business' Local Authority with accurate directory listings that are consistent across more than 150 directory websites, including Google Maps. Our unique strategy includes a hands on approach in researching your business and then compare it to your competitors that are already ranking 1st.

Local Ranking Pros automatically replies to all reviews on your behalf, which increases your location's engagement rate and makes Google happy. You can also see all your reviews online across multiple platforms when you login to your personal Local Ranking Pros SEO Dashboard to view your reports.

We ensure that every week your business has a new Google Post that is published to your GBP locations to stay on top once we are there.

We look below the surface, just like Google does. We ensure we transform and optimize all your photos for Google's algorithm with geo-tags and metadata to ensure local SEO and authenticity for Google Maps.

local call tracking

Track all phone calls coming from your Google Business Profile listing and receive monthly exports of every phone number for future SMS marketing. You even have the ability to use your number to text your customers if you wish or record your phone calls at no additional cost.

Your listing's visibility and growth will be tracked automatically and every month you will receive a detailed report that is super easy to read. On top of that, we will give you login information for your own dashboard - allowing you to look at where you stand in rankings for keywords and locations - anytime you like.

You are good at what you do... so keep doing that & let us take the responsibility of sending you customers.

We are so confident in our tried and true, propriairaty methods that we guarantee to have you in the top of Google in 30 days or less.

Just answer a few quick questions and we will get started with your FREE Business audit